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Glycitein CAS NO.40957-83-3

  • Min.Order: 1 Gram
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Product Details


  • Glycitein
  • 40957-83-3
  • 7,4'-Dihydroxy-6-methoxyisoflavone

Quick Details

  • ProName: Glycitein
  • CasNo: 40957-83-3
  • Molecular Formula: C16H12O5
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Application: Used in Laboratories, Industry
  • DeliveryTime: 1 WEEK
  • PackAge: Suitable
  • Port: Shanghai
  • ProductionCapacity: 1 Kilogram/Month
  • Purity: NLT 98%
  • Storage: 4℃
  • Transportation: Ambient
  • LimitNum: 1 Gram
  • Plant of Origin: soybean
  • Testing Method: HPLC
  • Product Ecification: 10mg-1kg
  • Voluntary Standards: ISO9001:2015


  1. 20-year experience in Phytochemicals
  2. Each product has passed very strict tests (NMR\MS\HPLC)
  3. Agents in 13 countries 
  4. Certified by ISO 9001:2015 quality management system 
  5. Leader Supplier of Botanical Reference Materials in China 
  6. 3000 kinds of high purity monomers from herbs
  7. Sub laboratory of TCM reference standard preparation, National Engineering Laboratory


Product ID: E-0001
CAS Number: 40957-83-3
Alias Name: 7,4'-Dihydroxy-6-methoxyisoflavone
Purity(hplc): ≥98%
Molecular Formula: C16H12O5
Molecular Weight: 248.3
Chemical Name: 7-hydroxy-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-6-methoxychromen-4-one
Genesal source: Glycinemax(L.)merr
Product Appearance: White powder
Chemical Family: Isoflavones
Canonical SMILES: COC1=C(C=C2C(=C1)C(=O)C(=CO2)C3=CC=C(C=C3)O)O
Package Size: Reference materials(mg~g); Bulk available in kgs/tons.

Function: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), analysis, activity test, Botanical Reference Materials, Standard materials

Tauto biotech as a Leader Supplier of Botanical Reference Materials in China, have more than 17 years of history,$9 million in assets,and agents in around 13 countries. We are devoted to the research, production and sales of valid monomer of natural plants with high purity and raw materials/intermediate of Herbal medicines.With the use of HSCCC, we have successfully extracted over 3000 monomers with the purification over 98%. Also we have the ability of manufacturing new products among the herbal extracts at the client's will. 


We have built a product lines to produce Glycitein and it's capacity could be more than 20 kilograms a year.CoMPare with the other manufacturers,the cost and the quality of our Glycitein should be more ascendant because we have the stable material resource and the patent technology.


The quality is guaranteed as we have certification of ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Systerm. And each product has passed very strict tests (NMR\MS\HPLC).


Product department: 

With the use of HSCCC(High-speed Countercurrent Chromatography), we have successfully extracted over 3000 monomers with the purification over 98%. 

R&D department:

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